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A Bit of History!


Did you know...In the mid 1950's, a group of men known as "The Krotz Springs Citizen's League" formed and would meet monthly to discuss the needs of the town?

Their first meeting was held March 29, 1954. According to the minutes of their meeting, officers elected were: President-AJ Dreyfus, Vice President-Raoul Meche, Treasurer-OG Williamson, Secretary-Clovis Meche, and Reporter-George Stoute. Attorney Leon Haas was also given Honorary Membership for his assistance in forming the league. They agreed at htis meeting to meet once per month on the 1st Monday of each month at 7:30pm. The group agreed to pay membership and initiation fees so that they could initially fund the Citizen's League. Initiation fees were set at $7 per member with monthly dues of $1 per month. There was no bank in town at the time, so their account was with Merchants and Farmers Bank in Melville.

The League minutes go back to the early 1960's. Though their leadership did change over the years, the group was involved in several projects including lobbying for the formation of the Krotz Springs Port Commission and a concrete loading wharf on the river. Their lobbying also included the covered drainage of Bayou Latanier in the school yard, blacktopping Hwy 105 South, which they called the Oil Field Road, securing a doctor for Krotz Springs, building improvements within the town, a new wing of classrooms at KSE and many more projects...more history on this group of civic minded leaders to follow.

Our thanks to Juanita W. Reed for sharing the minutes and notes of the Krotz Springs Citizens League.